Strip 53: Invaders

Man, Iíve been waiting for YEARS for this strip. Hopefully it doesnít come too out of left field for those loyal readers who started with us way back in January of 2015. Part II began with strangers on their way to Cykta, and weíve included hints throughout this part of the comic, but due to our hiatus, all of those hints happened at least two years ago.

Anyway, as you can imagine, the story is about to blow up. Iíve mentioned before that Steel Salvation was designed to be a slow burn, and this is the point where the fuse runs out. I donít want to talk too much about these armored invaders yet, because weíve got one more strip to go before the end of Part II, but suffice to say that, instead of Dy-Gar and Roger making it back to the galaxy at large, it seems like the galaxy has come to them.

- J.S. Conner

March 16th 2018